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Mystical Yoga with India the Gallivant open space studio

India Williams

Mystical Yoga is a practice guided by India Williams. This practice is offered to re-connect you to your whole being, your body, spirit, breath; whilst connecting you to the world around you.

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I started my Yoga journey at 13, whilst battling an eating disorder, bad mental health, and a feeling of not belonging. Attending classes and retreats with my teacher Lana Lanaia enabled me to establish a loving relationship to my body, in its strength and capabilities. But also opened my world to the healing arts and the recognition that there is something more to being in this body.

This discovery of the spiritual shaped my teenaged years. From tarot reading in the art room - to singing bowls on the bus. The uncovering of the 'unseen' world allowed me to finally see myself clearly, and I desperately wanted to share that with others. At around 15 I started leading what I called 'gatherings' in the woods by my house. Around 10-20 friends from school, or afar, would join me at a specifically aligned date (Imbolc, Summer Solstice, Full Moon) to meditate, breathe, practice yoga... and then dance, feast and camp! There was even one time I invited a group of teenagers into the dark cold of a February night, eagerly serving a dinner of beetroot, chilli and ginger juice (my mum secretly made pasta for their return which was gratefully gobbled.)


After finishing (reluctantly) my B-techs, I travelled to Guatemala at 18 and undertook my 200 hour training at the Mystical Yoga Farm, an off-grid community on a magical lake. Since then I have practiced, studied and taught extensively, teaching Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga, with influences from Yin and Restorative as well as many other spiritual practices and healing arts.

At the start of 2023 I spent 2 months in India undertaking my part 2, 300 hour teacher training with Path of Yoga, led by James French. I am now part of the Path of Yoga teaching team, teaching asana, pranayama, meditation, philosophy and chanting on their 200 hour Yoga Teacher Trainings in Thailand. 

 My introduction to Yoga was gentle, thoughtful, and deeply spiritual: I intend to offer you the same.

So that you can create a joyful, long term practice.

Aside from guiding Yoga, I am an active musician, writing and performing as India Blue (sometimes the harp even makes an appearance in class) 

Lover of nature, living by the sea in East Sussex

And occasional Faerie 

India in bluebells
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