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Mala Making Workshop

The Goddess House, Glastonbury

Learn the techniques to craft your own intuitive mala using seeds & semi precious stones. create a beautiful tool for healing, connection and transformation

Sunday 2nd June 2024 

11:00 - 16:30

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  •  2 x guided meditations

  •  All equipment and crystal/seed beads

  • Your custom mala in natural cotton pouch

  • Mantra guide sheet

  •  One to one help and guidance

  • Delicious, healthy vegan lunch


Created by the Glastonbury Goddess Temple, the Goddess House is a centre of  Goddess-inspired spaces where you can receive natural healing therapies in beautiful surroundings from experienced professional therapists, healers and Priestesses.

The day begins at 11am, at the Goddess House - Glastonbury starting with an introduction to Malas, and a guided meditation to set an intention for your beads to emerge.


We will then intuitively choose beads, tassels and guru bead; I will assist on sharing the properties of the semi-precious stones and how to work with colour theory/numerology in your creation.


We will split knotting into two parts, taking a break for a delicious and healthy lunch.

Once everyone has completed knotting their Malas we will end with a round of Japa (mantra meditation) to connect you to your mala.

mala making.jpeg

This workshop is a wonderful experience for anyone, from the people interested just in jewellery making, in yoga and spirituality; to the regular meditator and practitioner. The day retreat is a relaxing and informative workshop where people will learn about malas, healing crystals and meditating. Whilst having the opportunity to make their own (specially designed for them), have two relaxing meditations plus a delicious and healthy vegan lunch. Malas have been used for millenia but have recently become popular again, used for meditation or simply worn for their healing/grounding properties.
All equipment and refreshments are included and you will leave not only with your unique, attuned mala in a sustainable cotton pouch; but also with new knowledge, mantra worksheet, and inspiration.

Reciprocity of £108 

Discount available for group bookings

Limited capacity of 10 to ensure you have enough one on one attention and support

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